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What A Bastard 
24th-Jan-2008 10:13 am
FU Queer
John Gibson Mocks ‘Weirdo’ Heath Ledger’s Death: ‘He Found Out How To Quit You’
Opening his radio show with funeral music yesterday, Fox News host John Gibson callously mocked the death of actor Heath Ledger, calling him a “weirdo” with a “serious drug problem.”

Playing an audio clip of the iconic quote, “I wish I knew how to quit you” from Ledger’s gay romance movie Brokeback Mountain, Gibson disdainfully quipped, “Well, he found out how to quit you.” Laughing, Gibson then played another clip from Brokeback Mountain in which Ledger said, “We’re dead,” followed by his own, mocking “We’re dead” before playing the clip again.

Listen to it:

Throughout the course of the show, Gibson continued to bring up Ledger’s death while discussing current events, jokingly claiming that current events may have caused him to commit suicide.

On yesterday’s drop in the stock market:
GIBSON: Maybe he had a serious position in the market.

TOM SULLIVAN: And possibly today, he looked at the window and said…

GIBSON: “Oh my God.”

SULLIVAN: His name’s not Keith Bledger, right?

GIBSON: He was depressed about yesterday’s downturn in the world stock markets.
On the Democratic debate in South Carolina:
GIBSON: Apparently Heath Ledger was suicidal and his friends saw it coming. I think he watched the Clinton-Obama debate last night. I think he was an Edwards guy, cause he saw his Edwards guy was just completely irrelevant.
In reality, New York City Police spokesman Paul J. Browne told the New York Times that there was “no obvious indication of suicide."

In 2006, when Brokeback Mountain was released, Gibson repeatedly made fun of the film, calling it “a gay agenda movie". Newshounds is encouraging readers to complain to Fox News about Gibson’s comments.
24th-Jan-2008 03:40 pm (UTC)
ABC news reported last night there was currently no evidence of drug abuse. There was something about a rolled up bill which is apparently indicative of using to snort drugs, but they said the rolled up bills were all clean. All prescriptions were capped and had reasonable amounts (and all authorized). So, at this point, no one has any idea what happened. They are waiting on blood results and that could take a week.

How the fuck anyone can say faux news is balanced is a retard.

I know you posted about the Phelps clan planning to protest the funeral. I say bring it on and let them show the world haw awful these people are. I'm still amazed at the controversy that's been stirred up over Ledger's death.

Edited at 2008-01-24 03:41 pm (UTC)
24th-Jan-2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
"How the fuck anyone can say faux news is balanced is a retard."

24th-Jan-2008 06:39 pm (UTC)
Fox is about as balanced as Brittney Spears.....
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