Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Very Rare Music From An Awesome Band

One of the bands I used to love in Atlanta was Mary My Hope. With influences ranging from Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Brian Eno, Bauhaus (to name a few), this band kicked much ass. They used to play the White Dot, and frequented the same places that all of the folks I knew did. They signed to Silvertone records and went to Wales to record their debut album, the stellar "Museum" which was released in 1989. This band fucking ROCKED live, and even though the album was a good bit of polish on that live energy, it's still a fantastic record. The most memorable show for me was when they played at the Fox, opening for The Godfathers and Love & Rockets in the summer of 1989. Loud as fuck, and just a fantastic show. "Wildman Childman", "It's About Time" (my personal favorite) and "Suicide King" were the standouts - although "Communion" and "Monster Is Bigger Than The Man" were also great.

This album has been out of print for 18 long years. I've not only included it in this post, but also the "Suicide Kings" EP. If you're a serious music fan, you need to hear this stuff - especially if you haven't before. Rare stuff indeed.

Mary My Hope - Museum

  1. Wildman Childman
  2. It's About Time
  3. Suicide King
  4. Untitled
  5. Communion
  6. Hourglass
  7. I'm Not Singing
  8. Heads and Tales
  9. Grind
  10. I'm Not Alone
  11. Death of Me

Mary My Hope - Suicide Kings EP

  1. Monster Is Bigger Than The Man
  2. Communion
  3. Suicide King
  4. I'm Not Alone (Live)
  5. It's About Time (Live)


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