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Pat Robertson: 'I’m A Complete Moron'
Earlier this week, Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson said God told him who will win the 2008 presidential election. “He told me some things about the election, but I’m not going to say,” he said.

Last night, Robertson appeared on Hannity and Colmes. When asked by Alan Colmes whether God had spoken to him about the election outcome, Robertson said he was “a little shaky on it” and was “not sure.” But Robertson then implied God told him a Democrat would win the White House:
COLMES: You said that you convene with God on a regular basis. You go into deep prayer and mediation, and you just recently say to you was revealed who would be the winner in November. Is that correct?

ROBERTSON: I felt so. But I’m a little shaky on it and I didn’t want to say anything about it publicly. I’m not sure I heard from the Lord. And if I did, I hope I heard wrong.
Sean Hannity then followed-up and asked who Robertson heard would be President. “I’m not saying publicly Sean,” Robertson replied. “
My lips are sealed
.” Watch it:

In 2004, Robertson claimed that the Lord told him it would “be like a blowout” re-election for President Bush. Bush, however, received just 51 percent of the vote that November. In 2006, he incorrectly predicted that “the outcome of the war and the success of the economy will leave the Republicans in charge.”
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