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MMMM - Lunch! 
4th-Jan-2008 12:16 pm
Okay, I have NO idea how this just happened here, but the planets aligned perfectly or something and it's going to make a really great lunch.

We normally go grocery shopping on Saturdays, so by Friday it's slim pickings for lunch and dinner - unless I have already planned the menu for the week and have things on hand for mealtimes. By midweek, I'm having reinvented leftovers for lunch or building off of existing things independent of individual meals. For instance, I love kimchi and make my own, which usually means I have the stuff on hand to eat with other things, just by itself, or as the centerpiece of kimchi pancakes (they're unbelievably good - I make a vinegar/soy/chili dipping sauce) or kimchi soup. I made the pancakes for lunch the other day when lolasenvy was here, I introduced them to her a while back (after meeting her resistance about the kimchi with my home made stuff and making yet another convert) and also made kimchi fried rice. Having used all my kimchi up, I had none leftover and REALLY want some - so I went for my leftovers.

Hmmm... What is in this here fridge... Hmmm...

There's some leftover roasted new potatoes, and a head of cabbage, and a giant sweet onion... EUREKA!! I'll have some bubble & squeak! I love the stuff, it's great comfort food. I prefer it with leftover cabbage and leftover potatoes, and chop my potatoes up roughly instead of using mashed ones. I prefer the texture, that's all. My favorite way to cook cabbage is the way the Venetians do it, by sauteeing a sliced onion in olive oil over low heat until it is nice and golden brown - then cranking the heat up to high and adding chopped cabbage and some salt & pepper, stir frying it until the cabbage begins to soften - then you dial the heat down to medium, cover the pan, and let the cabbage and onions cook down until everything is nice and soft, stirring everything a couple of times and recovering the pan. For bubble & squeak, I throw in the chopped potatoes just as the cabbage is at the stage I want it, covering the pan for a few minutes until the potatoes heat through, then mash them down slightly to break them up in the pan a bit. Scoot everything into the center of a hot skillet with a bit of butter or olive oil if needed, and form a solid mass, like a patty. Once it browns nicely on the bottom, carefully flip it and brown the other side.
4th-Jan-2008 05:28 pm (UTC)
My husband is English, and we were supposed to be at his folks together in England for Christmas. In the end I couldn't go due to my parents' illness. The moment I felt the greatest sadness was when I was on the phone with him over there, and he said "OK, I have to go, dinner's ready." I asked what was for dinner - his response: "Bubble and squeak."

I nearly cried. I love bubble and squeak!!!
4th-Jan-2008 05:35 pm (UTC)
I try to plan my meals so that if I'm going to make roasted potatoes, I make extra and keep fresh cabbage on hand - just so I can have bubble & squeak for lunch one day. Same with any leftover Chinese/Japanese food, I make extra steamed rice - cold, leftover rice makes the best fried rice, especially with the leftovers mixed in all together.

I know what you mean about the power of food inducing different emotions. I've been thinking a lot recently about my Papa Jack, and have been having cravings for things he used to make for us when I was a child. I'm making a pot of chicken & dumplings next week because of this - it's my favorite comfort food.
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