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They talked earlier, same crap refried. Nathan left earlier under the guise of going to Subway and then coming right back. He's been gone since and his phone is off. I went in to check on Maggie before I got a shower and she was lying there staring at the ceiling blankly with tears streaming down her face. I let her talk for a bit and then hugged and kissed her goodnight before I left her room. I offered to make her tea and a backrub, she said she just wanted to lie there. She tried calling some folks earlier, no one was around. I told her she should maybe get out for a bit - she told me there was no where to go. After I got out of the shower she told me she was leaving, didn't know where she was going. I told her to leave her cell phone on and keep it with her. Now I'm sitting here tapping into this fucking computer, tired and frustrated, and needing to get to sleep as I have to work in the morning.


Nathan's out doing whatever irresponsible thing, and Maggie is out wandering aimlessly with a big hurt in her heart. And I can do nothing about either thing.

Happy Fucking New Year, folks - be safe and don't be stupid. I'm going to bed now.
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