Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Road Trip Update #4

Settling down for the night, getting up again at 0:dark30 and hitting the road to come back home to my beloved Southland.

The trip in all has been great and I'm just wrung out and getting to the point of being emotionally taxed from the general stress of travel. Which me no likey. Stress, that is.

I've seen pictures of my babies and have been missing them terribly, and I feel guilty for not being home with them yesterday and today - first time in years that I wasn't there, and this was Willow's first Christmas. I'm a big boy though and am not dwelling on it or anything, I just really miss my family and am eager to be back in my own home and my own bed.

Also, being able to eat a full meal and being able to have regular bathroom functions again will be nice - travelling royally fucks my system up.

Anyway, next time I post will be in my own living room, 8 hours until departure time!!!

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