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Videopost #25 
14th-Feb-2007 03:10 pm (UTC)
What beauty & passion!
Peace and joy be with you on this day.
14th-Feb-2007 03:50 pm (UTC)
Aw. That is such a sweet video post.

Heh, and the best I can do for Valentine's Day? Set my away message to "ugggghhhh goooo awaaaayy!!!" and crawl back into bed. Hooray for no classes today!
14th-Feb-2007 03:52 pm (UTC)
Share those chocolates with me and I'll share my homemade Key Lime Pie with you.

It's just. . . .divine. And since I'm feeling an emo vibe today as well, I can think of no one I'd rather share some sweet, tangy goodness with.

*raises fork* to friends near and far, to all those in my heart, to friends no longer here, to friends always dear.

14th-Feb-2007 05:35 pm (UTC)
Very nice. Happy V.D. to you too.
...Valentine's Day I mean, not the other kind of V.D. ;-)
15th-Feb-2007 05:08 am (UTC)
Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Great video post. Man, I need to do more of those. I certainly home to meet you and D in person soon.

With the love and passion you show here, I'm sure you are surrounded everyday with people who really love you. I think that's part of your natural attraction. :)
15th-Feb-2007 02:26 pm (UTC)
Wow, that was really sweet. I am sure you loved one think so too. Don't worry you weren't the only person was emo yesterday. I hope your day went well after this post.

Oh, and I just wanted to say how I'm really gald you are on my f-list. Because without your posts I would miss alot, so just thanks for allowing me to be here.
19th-Mar-2007 03:09 pm (UTC)
Hey, wow, so I've been behind in watching video posts, but since this is the first one I clicked on, I guess I have a lot to look forward to!

Hope your Valentine's day turned out alright.

We're all a little emo now and then--don't beat yourself up for ti.
18th-Jul-2007 05:51 am (UTC)
I love you! I love it when you are emo'ing and esp. your transition from "heavy feeling stuff... emo..emo emo..." to the MOST honest direct look into the camera and a very heartfelt "You know who you are... and you know I love you." We do. We really do. And a VERY MERRY Un-Valentine's Day to you all the same! I'm catching up! ... Have I told you lately that I love you???? A
18th-Jul-2007 02:44 pm (UTC)
Awww... *squee*
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