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Somedays, good news just has a way of coming out of nowhere and… 
10th-Mar-2004 08:24 am
Somedays, good news just has a way of coming out of nowhere and making you change your whole perspective on things. This kind of news makes me very happy!: Tears For Fears Reunited, Set To Release New Disc Next Month. They were such a highly underrated band, definitely one of my top 5 favorites to come out of the 80's. For those of you unfamiliar with their music, especially the stuff that wasn't radio-friendly, you are truly missing out. I can make copies if anyone wants, and if you're not local and want copies, all I ask for the postage it will take to send it to you.

Then there is this bit of news: Log Cabin Republicans' Ad Attacking Bush. The headline alone made me giggle.

Of course, there is both good and bad news. Some other things that I read that both made me smile and made my blood boil and curdle were:

Michigan Gay Marriage Ban Fails - Vive Le Common Sense!

Gay Marriage Foe's Son Weds Same-Sex Partner - How do you like THEM apples?

NY Cardinal Lectures Assembly On 'Evils' Of Gay Marriage, or as I prefer to call this, "Reason 3,973,206 Why I Hate Everything The Catholic Church Stands For"

No Gay Marriage No Civil Unions Declares Jeb Bush - So speaks the spineless brother of the idiot son of an asshole.

Death Threats In Portland Over Gay Marriage - Whackos with a cause, sad sad sad...

Homophobic Judge Roy Moore Pans Gay Marriage Ban - The Hypocrite Speaks!! Er, Spews!!
10th-Mar-2004 07:14 am (UTC)
i'm holding hope that it's only a matter of time before the kinks get worked out and gay marriage is totally supported and legal everywhere. a few comments on the news:

are we SURPRISED that jeb bush is even in office? i mean, this is a state which can't even count it's votes right, so he's probably not even in OFFICE legitamitely!

the senator who's son married? that just screams homophobe, period. that has f'all to do with defining marriage between man and woman, and much much more about his own damn fears.

michigan, well, you'd think people would get a clue the first time. i really hate that they can go back and appeal it again, but, i also understand that if we can, so can the opposing side. but like many things, it just sucks.

maybe i DO like LA!! good for them for the ambush on bush!! i think that's pretty damn funny- he's tootin' around the country trying to raise money, and landing in places getting handed pieces of paper saying "go away. no money till you stop being crazy." (essentially.)

i'm interested in knowing why arnold did the 180. maybe he heard that i was going to be very very disappointed in him, and he didn't want that.

death threats to the mayor of sf have him under police protection 24/7, that's more than a little sad.

if, by some sick sick twist of fate, the amendment that bush proposes flies, shit is SERIOUSLY going to hit the fan. i'm actually afraid of what will happen to the country, seeing as we'd be moving backwards in civil rights. it's doubly scary, because if that moron can get into office by underhanded means, it's plausible that the amendment could pass. i'd love to know i'm wrong in my fears.
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