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Christ On A Jeezit™! 
7th-May-2003 12:59 pm
::sits on the sideline in utter disbelief, throws Meow Mix™::
7th-May-2003 10:03 am (UTC)
7th-May-2003 10:09 am (UTC)
Things are getting ugly amongst our friends, and it's both pathetic and pretty sad.
7th-May-2003 11:12 am (UTC) - ::munches popcorn::
Hey, HEY , down in front. ::munches more::
7th-May-2003 11:28 am (UTC)
Wow... An interesting exchange between lolasenvy and jilt. I don't understand how he thinks that's "our" (meaning his and Anjelica's) room. Was he paying rent? And I thought the house was titled to Renea... ::scratches head::

I do hope it's over soon... it's a shame when there's bad blood between friends.

(Deleted comment)
7th-May-2003 12:05 pm (UTC)
Well I was referring more specifically to Renea and Anjelica. I remember a time when they were teh best of friends, or so it seemed from my perspective.

Having grown up without many long lasting friendships because the childhood I had (in the military) I take friendships kinda seriously. It's almost painful to me to see people as close as that to end it.

(Deleted comment)
8th-May-2003 03:31 am (UTC)
best of friends...::scratches head:: Well I talk to my aquaintances a hell of a lot more than these "best of friends." Looks like people need to look up the definition.
8th-May-2003 05:57 am (UTC)
were - past tense....

8th-May-2003 07:52 am (UTC)
I paid half the rent. Keep your flabby cock smoker shut if you dont know what you're yappin about.

Name one person I've used when I've wanted or needed something?

I can name a few on you, you cant name shit on me because it isn't true. I have a couple of friends that I actually trust and consider friends. The rest of you are just aquaintances I'd occasionally communicate with if I saw or something of the sort. You and I were never friends. You were around because John and I were at one point tight.

Brad/Jude/Jad/Brude/whatever: Sorry to bring the b/s to your LJ but I wanted to defend myself.

8th-May-2003 08:26 am (UTC) - jerk
Keep your flabby cock smoker shut

that's juss totally ignorant. you can "defend" yourself without being so damn offensive! that remark was totally uncalled for.. LOVE anjelica, i'm FAR from a good friend, so my businness in this is totally non-existant.. BUT that's juss extremely rediculious and asinine AND undeserved!
8th-May-2003 09:56 am (UTC) - Re: jerk
you called me a jerk and ignorant... how offensive! you can give your opinion without being so damned hypocritical! your post was totally uncalled for...

I'm hurt. Really.
8th-May-2003 09:59 am (UTC) - Re: jerk
i do appologize then, it's simply that that comment offended me.. i'm VERY GAY.. and that statement was offensive and VERY uncalled for. i DO appologize for making a JERK of myself to say that i took offense, that WAS wrong.

but i am still offended.
(Deleted comment)
8th-May-2003 05:46 pm (UTC) - Re:
hahaha you've backed down from me numerous occasions so don't give me that...

wannabe gangster rapper... dude, youre 2pac wannabe "Ohh I'm a thug-neck" haha.

from now on, mind your own business... all you do is get involved w/ drama and then bitch about it. im starting to think thats all that livejournal is period.
(Deleted comment)
9th-May-2003 05:58 am (UTC) - Re: *Ahem*
its funny how when i slap people with facts they can only retaliate with lame name calling like "nutless wonder".
(Deleted comment)
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